4 Common Paint Color Schemes for Your Home

Understanding color makes it easier to choose the perfect paint colors for your home. Studies have shown that colors impact emotion, appetite and our perception of size.   

Painting a small room with dark colors makes a room appear smaller in size, while painting that same room in bright colors makes it appear taller and bigger in size.

Cool colors:  Dark Greens, Blues, Purple, Violet - Shades of blue are perfect for a bedroom because blue makes us feel relaxed and at peace. Blue-grey and grey are also popular color trends for bedrooms. Many of our customers paint their whole interior grey.

Warm colors:  Yellows, Light Greens, Orange, Red - Warm colors are lively, energetic and hot. Red is good for a living room and as as accent wall. Red is great for a dining area. Yellow is a popular kitchen paint color. It's cheery and used often in kitchens.

The following paint color schemes below will make it easier for you to choose and arrange colors in your home. We can also help you choose the best paint colors for your project by showing you color samples that are popular with our Mchenry County clients.


Complementary Color SchemeThe complementary scheme uses two colors directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. One way to incorporate this scheme with paint is to use one of the colors for an accent wall.

The darker color is typically used for an accent wall, and the lighter color is usually the dominant color used throughout the room. Another option is to paint a room in one color and the adjacent room its opposite for contrast, or choose a paint color opposite of your furniture color.

In rooms with chair rail, you can also paint the darker color below the rail and the lighter color above, which is popular (Example: red above the rail and dark green below).

Split Complementary

A split complementary scheme is similar to the complementary scheme, except it uses three colors, two of which are complete opposite on the color wheel. The scheme is often used for blending colors together in a faux finish. It uses a mix of warm and cool colors.

There are different ways to arrange colors using this scheme, but a simple way to do it is to choose one color for your furniture, a second for the paint and a third for accessories. Depending on the mood you want to create in a room, you can paint the walls the lighter or darker color out of the three.




Analogous Color SchemeThe analogous scheme uses three related colors neighboring each other on the color wheel. The colors are of similar hues and flow nicely together in harmony when incorporated into room decor and paint. Choose a dominant color for the paint and the two remaining colors for room decor and furniture/bedding.  




The monochromatic color scheme uses different shades of one single color. Simply choose different shades of one color on a single paint swatch. It is common to use this scheme when painting an accent wall in a room. On a swatch, choose a darker color for an accent wall and two shades lighter for the surrounding walls. Another option is to create a monochromatic scheme throughout the house by painting each room a different shade. (Example: different shades of grey, a popular color trend).

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