Kitchen Paint Color Tips
Painting a kitchen with a new and exciting color can highlight the beauty of cabinets, countertops and appliances. A kitchen is used almost more often than any other room in the house so it's important to pick a color that you're going to enjoy looking at for a while.  
First, consider the size of your kitchen. A tiny kitchen painted in a dark color will give the illusion that the room is even smaller in size. A really dark color painted in a small kitchen can also make the room look gloomy, unless there's plenty of sunlight coming through the windows during the day.
Secondly, consider the color and style of the existing cabinets when picking out new paint colors. Darker kitchen paint colors on the walls will accent light colored cabinets and countertops and lighter wall paint colors will draw more attention to cabinets and countertops of a darker color.    
Painting kitchen walls with colors that are too similar to the color of the existing cabinets and countertops will cause everything to blend in, which is alright if you don't want any color contrast in the room. 
Neutral colors, especially tan, are very popular for paint and they're also timeless. Tan is also the ideal color choice if you're looking to sell your home in the near future because it's a simple color accepted by most people. 
Painting a kitchen in vibrant colors like red is great for social kitchens and it looks awesome painted in a kitchen with white cabinets because red makes the cabinets pop. Red is a bad idea if you plan to sell your home soon because a buyer will probably find the color to be a little too much.   
Color is also believed to impact our appetite. Warm colors, such as red, yellow and green supposedly influence appetite. Cool colors are believed to decrease our appetite. This is only a color theory of course, but nice to keep in mind when mapping out your kitchen color scheme. If you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen, choose a kitchen paint color that reflects your personality. 
It is a good idea to look at a color wheel because it makes it easier to understand how colors look together and you'll probably get a little inspiration. Hold color sample cards next to the cabinets and tile. It is also a good idea to look at the colors in both artificial light and sun light. The lighting makes a huge difference, so if you're picking out colors at night time, be sure to look at the swatches again the next day when the sun is out.
Consider painting more than one color in your kitchen. Paint the backsplash one color and the walls above the cabinets a secondary color. If you have a tiled back splash, choose a color scheme according to the color of the tile, using one or two paint colors. 
Are your cabinets old and outdated? Painting kitchen cabinets white adds value to your home and saves an incredible amount of money on replacement costs. A fresh coat of white semi-gloss paint makes old cabinets look brand new. White is timeless and it looks reall nice painted on cabinets. White cabinets make a kitchen look and feel brighter and larger. 
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