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Say Goodbye to Your Ugly Cabinets

If you’re looking for experienced cabinet painters in Crystal Lake IL to spray paint your outdated cabinets, we’re the best option for your project. Crystal Lake is our hometown, and we have served the local community here with our wall and cabinet painting services for over a decade.


If your home still contains the original wood cabinets, our spray painting service will totally change the look of your outdated kitchen for a lot less than the cost of a remodeling project that renders your kitchen unusable for weeks. Our spraying process leaves your cabinets with a super smooth finish that is second to none. Nothing beats the sprayed look! 

Experienced Cabinet Painters in Crystal Lake, IL

With our 13 plus years of experience spraying hundreds of cabinet doors made of various types of wood, we have perfected our painting process to give you the best results using the best materials for durability.  


One of the reasons customers choose us is because all of the cabinets we paint are sprayed. We never use a brush, or a roller, on cabinets. Why spray? Spraying produces a fine finish to make your cabinets look like they just came directly from a factory.  

We Paint All Types of Wood Cabinets

No matter if your cabinets are oak, maple, or cherry, we can paint them. The only instance where we would not recommend painting your cabinets is if they’re warped and in poor condition. In that case, it’s probably best to put your money towards new cabinets.  


Many of our customers want the honey oak cabinets in their kitchen and bathroom painted. If you have older oak cabinets from the early 2000s in your Crystal Lake home, our grain filling process combined with our spray application will give your cabinet doors and frames a much smoother profile.

Why Choose Us

Don’t just hire any painter for your cabinets and walls! 


We have 13 plus years of experience spray painting kitchen cabinets in the Crystal Lake, IL area. Our system is efficient and produces awesome results.

We Spray

Brushing and rolling cabinets does not produce the fine finish our customers want. We spray your entire set of cabinets for a factory-smooth finish.

No Stress

Your cabinets are spray painted off-site, and unlike a remodeling tear-out, you can still use your kitchen for most of the project with minimal disruption.


We spray your cabinetry with special materials designed specifically for use on cabinets. This means your cabinets will be very durable and hold up to daily use.

Cabinet Painting in Crystal Lake, IL

Our Process

Painting cabinets is a totally different process than painting walls. There are a lot of important steps involved, and without good planning and preparation, your painted cabinets won’t be durable or have a professional finish. Our preparation is done right from start to finish. 


Here’s what we do:


Detach Your Doors and Drawers for Transport

Our detailed cabinet painting process begins with removing your drawers and doors from the frames and labeling them with a numbering system. The hinges and knobs are also removed.

Prep and Spray Your Cabinets Off-Site

After your cabinet doors have been detached from the frames and labeled, we load them up into our vehicle for transport. This gives you full access to your kitchen while your doors and drawers are spray painted. Our surface preparation consists of washing your cabinets with a powerful cleaner to remove dirt and grease. Then the doors are sanded and sprayed with two coats of cabinet primer and two coats of the color.  

Spray Your Cabinet Frames

If you’re trying to find cabinet painters in Crystal Lake, IL that will use a sprayer to paint your kitchen cabinets, we are your best option. Unlike other cabinet painting services, we spray your doors and the wall boxes in your kitchen. We cover the floors, appliances, countertops and anything else not being painted in your kitchen. During this process, you will have full access to your kitchen and appliances until we cover them on the day of spraying. 

Clean Up and Install

Once your cabinet spraying is officially done and everything is dry, we de-mask your kitchen and clean up. We wrap your painted doors and transport them to your home for installation. The installation usually takes only one day, but large kitchens sometimes require a second day to finish. If you purchase new knobs, we will install them for you. We also attach new plastic bumpers to the backs of the cabinet doors at the end. 

Our Happy Customers!

Facebook Review


Matt from Advantage Painting is such a talented painter. He painted my kitchen cabinets and they look brand new! Matt also painted the interior of my home and it’s like a breath of fresh air!


He is very skilled and a perfectionist. He was always on time, explained what he was doing, and cleaned up after he was done for the day. He was a pleasure to have working in my home!


You will not be disappointed if you hire Advantage Painting Services! Matt will make your home a masterpiece!



Crystal Lake, IL

Yelp Review


I would also recommend Matt from Advantage Painting. We used him before we moved into our new house. He came out, gave us a reasonable estimate and did the job in a timely manner.


He also stayed late a couple nights to make sure the job got finished on time. Very professional and does offer a discount on the paint. We love the job he did, our house looks so much better.



Huntley, IL

Google Review


After a recent home purchase I needed to have my entire downstairs repainted, walls and ceilings quickly.

Advantage Painting Services responded quickly, gave me an estimate, and started the job all within a week.


Best value hands down, my whole first floor look brighter and all of the holes, cracks and nail pops are gone. If I need another pro paint job this is where I’m going!



Algonquin, IL

Interior Painting Services

If you’re looking for painters in Crystal Lake, IL to paint your kitchen, along with your cabinets, or multiple rooms in the house, we paint walls and trim too!  


We patch drywall damage and sand the walls smooth before painting. For trim preparation, we sand the surface and use premium caulk to fill gaps and open joints in the wood. We only use high quality paints for our interior painting projects. Walls are painted with two coats of low VOC paint. 

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Estimates for painting rooms requires an in-home visit so we can take measurements if needed and inspect the condition of the walls you want painted. Contact us today and tell us about your painting project.    

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