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Our Residential Painting Services

Advantage Painting has provided exceptional house painting services in Crystal Lake, IL and the neighboring communities of Mchenry County for over 13 years! 


We work exclusively with homeowners and offer a variety of residential interior painting services for the whole house or individual rooms. Kitchen cabinet painting is our specialty. 


If your interior walls and trim are marked up and in desperate need of a repaint, or you’ve been thinking about painting your out-of-style cabinets, we’re the perfect fit for your needs. We have the skills and experience needed to handle any interior painting project and make it an enjoyable experience for you without headaches.          

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Service

There are many painting contractors near you, but most of them don’t specialize in cabinet painting like we do. Sure, anyone can paint cabinets, but that doesn’t mean it will turn out well. Experience is very important. We have literally spray painted hundreds of cabinet doors over the years and have an efficient process that produces beautiful results. 


At the end of the job, our customers always comment on how much of a visual difference the paint has made in their outdated kitchen compared to before. The dramatic color change is a major makeover after living with brown cabinets for an extended period of time.   


After we install your newly spray painted doors and drawers, we attach plastic bumpers to the back side corners to protect the finish. We can also swap out your outdated door handles with new ones or simply reuse the old ones. 

Cabinet Paint Prep Done Right

Prepping cabinets for paint is an important process that must be done correctly from the beginning to avoid problems later. Inexperienced painters often use the wrong primer, or cut corners, because they don’t have the patience for this type of work.


Proper surface preparation and primer forms the foundation for a successful paint job and should never be neglected. After transporting your set of cabinets to our work space, we wash every square inch of the wood with de-greaser to rid the surface of contaminants that cause fish-eye and adhesion problems. 


If your cabinets are made of oak, we fill the open grain with filler and sand everything down nice and smooth. We use glazing putty to patch dings and dents on the doors.


After your doors have been carefully washed, rinsed, patched and sanded, we spray them with two coats of our high quality cabinet primer to lock in wood tannin and provide a smooth base layer for the top coats. In the end, your cabinets will have a super smooth finish that is very durable and easy to maintain.  

Our Happy Customers!

Facebook Review


Matt from Advantage Painting is such a talented painter. He painted my kitchen cabinets and they look brand new! Matt also painted the interior of my home and it’s like a breath of fresh air!


He is very skilled and a perfectionist. He was always on time, explained what he was doing, and cleaned up after he was done for the day. He was a pleasure to have working in my home!


You will not be disappointed if you hire Advantage Painting Services! Matt will make your home a masterpiece!



Crystal Lake, IL

Yelp Review


I would also recommend Matt from Advantage Painting. We used him before we moved into our new house. He came out, gave us a reasonable estimate and did the job in a timely manner.


He also stayed late a couple nights to make sure the job got finished on time. Very professional and does offer a discount on the paint. We love the job he did, our house looks so much better.



Huntley, IL

Google Review


After a recent home purchase I needed to have my entire downstairs repainted, walls and ceilings quickly.

Advantage Painting Services responded quickly, gave me an estimate, and started the job all within a week.


Best value hands down, my whole first floor look brighter and all of the holes, cracks and nail pops are gone. If I need another pro paint job this is where I’m going!



Algonquin, IL

Interior House Painting Service

One of the benefits of using our interior painting service is you not having to spend countless nights and weekends doing the work yourself. We live and breathe paint and know how to paint rooms quickly with a beautiful finish on your walls and crisp lines in corners.  


We go out of our way to make sure every room in your home is painted to perfection and use the best paints from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Our low VOC paints have very little odor. In fact, our customers often tell us they cannot smell the paint. 


We do more than just painting walls. We can paint your kitchen cabinets, ceilings, molding and staircase spindles too. If you’re remodeling your home, or having furniture delivered, we will coordinate your painting project to meet your scheduling needs.   

Our House Painting Prep

Preparation and planning are both important components of any house painting project. Regardless of the surface being painted, you cannot simply paint right over dust and grease and expect the paint to hold up. 


Our Wood and Drywall Painting Prep

We scrub dirty walls and wood with Krud Kutter,  a multi-purpose de-greaser and cleaner, and rinse.  We patch drywall damage and sand the surface smooth for primer and paint. Cracks in molding are filled with premium caulk. Our procedure for cabinet painting prep is very similar to our wall and wood prep. 

How We Prepare Your Home's Interior for Painting

Painting is one of the few home improvement projects that can turn into a huge mess if steps aren’t taken to protect your home before the work begins. We have a solid system down for how we protect your property from paint and dust. All of our projects begin with covering the floor before we bring any ladders or tools into your home. Next we protect all surfaces not being painted with drop cloths, painter’s tape and masking materials. This includes taping off base board trim, window sills and the edges of your molding.  We use painter’s plastic to protect your furniture from sanding dust and paint. For cabinets, we have a dedicated page that explains our cabinet painting prep.

Why Choose Us

Don’t just hire any painter for your cabinets and walls! 


We carry full liability insurance and can provide you with documentation for policy coverage upon request.


We have been painting cabinets and home interiors near you for 13 years and have a total of 20 years experience in our trade!

No Surprise Costs

Your written estimate includes service details and the total cost. The price we give you won't change at the end of the job.

Attention to Detail

We are interior painting experts! When you hire us, you can expect straight lines in corners and no mess on your floor.

Recent Interior Painting Projects

Do you offer house painting service near me?

If you’re looking for house painters near you to paint your home’s interior, or cabinets, we serve most cities in Mchenry County. We paint homes in Crystal Lake, IL and the surrounding area. We have also done work for homeowners in Lake County.  


Here are some of the areas we serve:


Crystal Lake



Lake in the Hills




Island Lake



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Submit your request below for a free estimate and we will call you to gather information about your painting project and answer any questions.  you may have. Estimates for cabinet painting can usually be done over the phone without an in-home visit after we learn more about your project and review pictures of your kitchen. Estimates for painting rooms requires an in-home visit. Contact us today and tell us about your painting project.    

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