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Is it Time to Paint Your Old Cabinets?

Over a span of 13 years, Huntley has become one of our most serviced areas for painting kitchen cabinets and home interiors. We have done work for homeowners in Talamore, Lions Chase, Covington Lakes, Del Webb, Georgian Place and Northbridge to name a few.


Huntley is a great town and we enjoy working with our customers here. If you’re looking for professional cabinet painters in Huntley IL to spray paint your cabinetry, you’ve come to the right place, it’s our specialty service. With our spray techniques, your cabinetry will have a fine finish and look like they came from the factory.    

Our Cabinet Prep and Painting Process

Cabinet doors and drawers are transported from your home to our work space for surface preparation and spraying. This gives you full functionality of your kitchen while we paint. 


Surface Cleaning and Sanding

Your wood cabinetry is de-greased with heavy-duty cleaner, sanded smooth and wiped down to remove dust particles. We also sand between each coat to perfect the finish and strengthen adhesion.


Primer Sealer Application

We spray cabinets with a special solvent-based primer that seals the wood and prevents tannin-bleed (very important for cherry and oak). The primer forms an important foundation layer for durability.

Don't Replace Your Cabinets

Many of the homes in the newer subdivisions of Huntley, IL still have the original wood cabinets. If your home is one of them, there are good reasons to have your cabinetry professionally painted instead of tearing it out.


Cabinet Painting Costs Less

Remodeling is super expensive and it leaves you without a kitchen for an extended period of time. Painting what you already have will save you thousands of dollars in remodeling costs and you’ll still be able to use your kitchen for most of the project. 


If the color of your wood cabinets is what bothers you, but you’re happy with the layout and storage space in your kitchen, then you should paint them. Most of the cabinets we’ve painted are in great condition and don’t need to be thrown out.

Our Happy Customers!

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Matt from Advantage Painting is such a talented painter. He painted my kitchen cabinets and they look brand new! Matt also painted the interior of my home and it’s like a breath of fresh air!


He is very skilled and a perfectionist. He was always on time, explained what he was doing, and cleaned up after he was done for the day. He was a pleasure to have working in my home!


You will not be disappointed if you hire Advantage Painting Services! Matt will make your home a masterpiece!



Crystal Lake, IL

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Matt from Advantage Painting painted our oak kitchen cabinets and they turned out great! We have also had Advantage do interior wall and stair rail/post/balusters painting and the results were excellent as well.


Matt has great communication, very fast with providing estimates, and is always on time. Highly recommended!



Huntley, IL

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We are extremely pleased with the quality of work Advantage Painting did for us. Matt painted our kitchen cabinets and walls.


He kept us updated on the progress, was conscientious about keeping everything clean and the quality of his work. I highly recommend Advantage Painting for any painting job.



Lakewood, IL

We Paint Walls Too!

Most of our work is cabinet painting, but we also offer interior painting service for walls, trim and ceilings too. On many of our projects, we paint the kitchen walls right after the cabinets are done, but we can paint any room in your home to give it a new look. 


If your Huntley home has the original builder white paint everywhere, we can repaint your chalky walls with paint that is smooth and easier to maintain. We can also freshen up your doors and trim with a fresh coat of paint. 

Why Choose Us

Don’t just hire any painter for your cabinets and walls! 


We carry full liability insurance and can provide you with documentation for policy coverage upon request.


We have provided cabinet painting services in Huntley, IL for 13 years! We have a total of 20 years experience in our trade!

Stress-Free Process

Your cabinets are spray painted off-site, so you can still use your kitchen and have very minimal disruption to your routine.

Attention to Detail

We are cabinet painting experts! When you hire us, you can expect a super smooth sprayed finish on your cabinet doors and frames.

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