Cabinet Painters in lake in the hills, IL

Cabinet Painting Service in Lake in the Hills, IL

Some of the first cabinet painting projects we did back in 2009 were in Lake in the Hills. Since then, we have gone on to paint cabinets and home interiors in multiple subdivisions in LITH including Bellchase, Cheswick, Hidden Valley, Greenshire, Meadowbrook, Concord Hills and Heron Bay. If your kitchen has the original cabinets, there’s no need to spend big money replacing them.


Experienced Cabinet Painters in Lake in the Hills IL

If you’re looking for experienced cabinet painters in Lake in the Hills IL, Advantage Painting is the best fit for your project. We don’t just paint your cabinets, we transform them! Our 13 plus years of experience in this specialty service means your spray painted cabinets will not only look brand new, but they’ll also be very durable. 

Our Lake in the Hills Cabinet Painting Process

After spray painting hundreds of cabinet doors for Lake in the Hills customers, we have developed a unique system that leaves your cabinetry with a durable finish. A lot of house painters and DIYers just paint right over the bare wood or apply materials not even designed for cabinetry. This is a very common mistake and a recipe for a future nightmare. Kitchen cabinets are subjected to daily use and need to be prepared the right way so the primer and paint forms a strong bond with the wood. 


Cleaning, Repairing and Sanding Your Cabinets

The most critical step in cabinet paint prep is making sure the surface is totally free from contaminants otherwise the primer is unable to form a strong bond with the wood. First, we wipe everything down with a special cleaner and rinse. Then we check your cabinets for dings and surface damage and patch the imperfections. We sand down your whole set of cabinets before priming and also between each coat. 


Kitchen Cabinets Sprayed to Perfection

When searching for cabinet painters in Lake in the Hills IL, you definitely want to go with a reputable company who sprays instead of painting everything by hand. Brushing and rolling does not produce the factory finish our customers want. Our spray method produces a fine finish that is smooth to the touch and free from brush and roller texture. 


With our cabinet spray painting, we spray every piece of your cabinetry for a fine finish on everything. Once your cabinets have been fully prepped, we spray two coats of cabinet primer to seal the surface of the wood. The primer we use is very durable and creates a strong foundation for the top coats of your color. After sanding between each coat and removing the dust, we spray two final coats of your chosen color. We use the same process for your kitchen wall boxes. 

Our Cabinet Painting Work

Take a peek at some of our Lake in the Hills cabinet painting projects.

Why Choose Us

Don’t just hire any painter for your cabinets and walls! 


If you're looking for experienced cabinet painters in Lake in the Hills IL, we have painted cabinets for homeowners here since 2009 and specialize in the service!

Minimal Disruption

You won't be without your kitchen for more than one day. We spray your cabinets in our shop, not inside your home. That means you can use your kitchen while we paint!

Factory Finish

Your kitchen cabinets are spray painted to perfection with our fine finish application process. We do not use a roller on your cabinets like some painters do.

Save Money

Remodeling and replacing cabinets can turn into a very expensive headache. Painting cabinets is a big money saver that won't leave you without your kitchen.

Use Your Kitchen While We Paint Your Cabinets

One of the key advantages of using our cabinet painting service is having the ability to use your kitchen while we paint your cabinet doors and frames. The doors are sprayed in our shop, but we spray the cabinet frames in your kitchen. 


The spraying is done is with very little disruption to your daily routine. We cover your kitchen appliances with plastic right before we spray the frames. That way you still have full access to your fridge and microwave during the preparation process. 


Spraying the frames usually takes no more than one day. When the cabinet frames dry, which takes only one to two hours, we begin removing the plastic and masking paper and return your kitchen to its normal state. The clean up only takes a few hours in most cases. 

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Our cabinet painting estimates are free of charge and usually provided over the phone after we talk with you about your project and view images of your kitchen. We can answer any questions you may have about our service and the products we use. We have a dedicated color book for cabinet painting and will help you choose colors that compliment your countertops and appliances. 


We also offer interior painting service for walls, ceilings and trim too in case you’re looking to spruce up your Lake in the Hills home with new colors. You can simply submit your estimate request by clicking the button below or call us directly. We respond to every customer in a timely manner. 

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