Wall and Cabinet Painting in Spring Grove, IL

We Paint Walls and Cabinets in Spring Grove, IL

Welcome to Advantage Painting Services, where we redefine interior painting in Spring Grove, IL, bringing our skills and twenty years of experience to every project. Selecting the right painters for your home is crucial, and here’s why we stand out as the best choice for transforming your walls and cabinets. 


Why Use Our Interior Painters in Spring Grove, IL?

  • Service Variety: From painting walls and cabinets to trim and fireplace mantels, we paint it all!
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Our skilled painters in Spring Grove bring an unmatched level of precision to every project, ensuring flawlessly painted walls and cabinets that showcase our meticulous attention to detail.  
  • Quality That Endures: We believe in delivering not just beauty but enduring quality. Our choice of premium wall and cabinet paints ensures a finish that withstands the test of time.
  • Cabinet Painting Expertise: Transforming cabinets into statement pieces requires a specialized touch. Our painters in Spring Grove, IL excel in cabinet painting, utilizing advanced techniques such as paint spraying to achieve a fine finish that stands out.

Our cabinet painter in Spring Grove, IL spray painted these oak cabinets. 

Cabinet Painting Service in Spring Grove, IL

Serving Spring Grove, Illinois, since 2009, we’ve been the number one trusted partner in transforming kitchens with our specialized cabinet spray painting service. Our seasoned cabinet painters in Spring Grove, IL have the expertise to bring out the best in your cabinetry, ensuring a beautiful finish that lasts.


Why Use Our Cabinet Painting Service in Spring Grove, IL

  • Precision On Every Job: Cabinet painting requires a great deal of precision, and we take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that defines our work. 
  • Superior Finish: We use a specialized paint sprayer to achieve a superior finish on your cabinets. We do not use paint brushes or rollers on cabinets. 
  • Time-Tested Materials: Quality is at the core of our service. We use time-tested, premium quality paints and materials to ensure a flawless finish that won’t chip or rub off.
  • Off-Site Spraying: We spray paint kitchen cabinet doors and drawers off-site in our shop to eliminate disruptions in your home. Our spraying process is also very efficient, so your kitchen will be back to normal in no time.

Freshly painted base cabinets from our cabinet painting project in Spring Grove, IL.

Interior Painting Service in Spring Grove, IL

Advantage Painting offers an array of services to improve all areas of your home’s interior. Take a glimpse into what we paint inside Spring Grove homes.


What We Paint Inside Your Home:

  • Interior Walls: Are your wall colors old and faded? Infuse character and warmth into your living space with our expert wall painting services in Spring Grove, IL. We will help you select the perfect paint colors for the rooms in your home.  
  • Ceilings: Elevate the atmosphere of your rooms with professionally painted ceilings. From creating an illusion of height to adding depth, our ceiling painting services contribute to a visually appealing and cohesive design. 
  • Cabinets: Your kitchen cabinets deserve to be more than just functional; they should be statements of style. Our specialized cabinet painting services, utilizing advanced spraying techniques, guarantees a super smooth paint job that stands out.
  • Trim: Freshly painted baseboard and crown molding helps accentuate painted walls and the architectural details of the woodwork.

Our painter in Spring Grove, IL painted this bedroom gray.

Why Choose Us?


Our skilled painters in Spring Grove, IL ensure meticulous attention to detail.

Cabinet Spray Painting

We spray paint cabinets to achieve a super smooth finish that stands out.


We have over 20 years experience painting home interiors and cabinets.


We show up on time from the first day to the final day of the job.

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