Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Having your cabinets professionally painted costs a lot less than buying pricey replacements. If you're happy with the layout of your cabinets, but not the color, paint them.

Painting your cabinets white will add value to your home and help you sell faster if it's going on the market.

Check out our before and after pictures further below to see how paint can transform your kitchen.

We spray paint cabinets to get a smooth, professional finish. We paint all types of wood cabinets, including oak. 

Check out our process for how we prepare and paint cabinets further down this page. Doors are prepped and spray painted off-site. 

Want to request an estimate now? Questions? Call Matt - (847)845-6876. You may also submit your estimate request online. We paint cabinets in Crystal Lake and the surrounding suburbs (Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Woodstock).

Check out our before and after pictures below from recent cabinet painting projects.  

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Featured below is a beautiful kitchen and small bathroom in a Lake Forest home with maple cabinets we painted white. The customer is selling the house and took the realtors advice to paint the cabinets white for the listing. For the cabinet color, the customer chose Ice Cube (Sherwin Williams), a slightly grayish white, which provides some contrast with the bright white backsplash.


The kitchen below, located in Johnsburg, Illinois on Pistakee Lake, features cherry cabinets that we painted white. Our customer had a new sink and granite installed prior to the painting. She's also having backsplash tile installed at a later date. The paint color for the cabinets is Snowbound.

A kitchen with cherry cabinets in Lakewood, Illinois (Turnberry subdivision) that we painted white. The color is Westhighland White from Sherwin Williams. You can see how the white paint totally brightened up the kitchen that was really dark before. We painted the walls with the popular color Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore). 


The set of pictures below are from a small maple kitchen we spray painted with the color Extra White from Sherwin Williams. The customer is replacing the countertop with granite. The kitchen walls and ceiling will be painted at a future date.

The pictures below are maple cabinets we spray painted in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The paint color is the untinted, High Hide White from Sherwin Williams. The customer wanted a brighter white to match the surrounding window trim. The accent color for the island cabinets is Dovetail, also a Sherwin Williams color. The kitchen walls were painted with Repose Grey.


The pictures below are Hickory cabinets we painted in a home in Mchenry, Illinois. The customer chose the Sherwin Williams color Alabaster, a cream white. We painted the kitchen walls with the color Dorian Grey, also a Sherwin Williams color. The customer is having tile installed between the counter and upper cabinets.

Maple cabinets in Crystal Lake, Illinois spray painted in the color Extra White from Sherwin Williams.

Cherry cabinets in Huntley, Illinois (Northbridge neighborhood) spray painted white. The customer chose a satin finish instead of semi-gloss. The color is Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

Oak cabinets in Lakewood, Illinois (Wedgewood neighborhood) spray painted white with our most frequently used color Snowbound from Sherwin Williams. The walls were painted in Sherwin Williams color Mindful Gray to get nice contrast with the white cabinets. We installed brushed nickel knobs and pulls for the customer.


Oak cabinets in the Lakewood, Illinois neighborhood Turnberry. These were spray painted white in the color Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.

A cabinet project we did in a Lake in the Hills home. These were spray painted white with the popular color Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

Maple cabinets in Crystal Lake before painting. Maple cabinets after spraying white.

Freshly painted maple cabinet doors before installation.

Oak cabinets in a Lake in the Hills home painted white with dark bronze hardware installed. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004.

 oak cabinets before paintingkitchen cabinets after paint

oak cabinets before paintingoak base cabinets after paint

oak cabinets after spray painting

Oak cabinets in a Huntley home painted white, using Sherwin Williams color Snowbound.

Cabinets in Huntley, Illinois before paintingCabinets after prep and spray painting.

Kitchen cabinets before paint.Kitchen cabinets after spray painting.

Huntley base cabinets before paintCabinets after prep and paint

Kitchen cabinets before prep and paint.Cabinets after painting.

Kitchen island before painting.

Oak cabinets in Lake in the Hills home painted white with grey accent wall above microwave. Cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Divine White 6105.

lake in the hills cabinets before paintinglake in the hills cabinets after painting

oak kitchen cabinets before paintafter spray painting white

Oak cabinets in Crystal Lake home spray painted white. The color is Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006.

Oak cabinets before sprayingOak cabinets after spraying with primer and paint

Oak cabinet box before sprayingOak cabinet box after spraying

Oak kitchen cabinets before paintingOak kitchen cabinets after painting

Pine cabinetry spray painted white with Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006.


Surface Preparation

Preparing cabinets for paint is a tedious process that has to be done right for durability. We start by removing the doors, knobs, and hinges. Doors are numbered accordingly to make installation easy at the end of the job.

Our surface preparation consists of cleaning, sanding, and spraying two coats each of primer and paint, sanding in between coats for a smooth finish. The kitchen is tented off with plastic to contain dust and material fumes. For grainy wood, we can apply grain filler if desired. Filler reduces the wood grain so it's less noticeable when painted.

Spraying Doors and Cabinet Boxes

We spray everything, including the cabinet boxes. Spraying achieves a professional finish without the stippling texture and brush marks you get using a brush and roller. Even foam rollers leave stippling. Spraying is also much faster than priming and painting everything by hand. The doors are sprayed off site to reduce dust and chemical fumes in your home.


The total time to prep and paint cabinet doors is usually 5 to 7 days, depending on the number of doors and the type of wood. Oak involves more time for grain filling and additional sanding. Kitchen wall boxes usually take no more than 5 to 7 days. Wet doors are stored on professional drying racks until the day of installation. The doors are painted first so they have plenty of time to dry and harden on our racks before installation.

cabinet drying rack 

Protecting Your Kitchen

Spray painting cabinets near appliances and countertops is obviously a concern for our customers, but careful masking is done to fully protect all surfaces not being painted. For kitchen walls, we usually include wall painting as part of our service since the labor costs to paint them is often low and most of our customers want to update the wall color anyway.

Floors are protected with X-board, a leak-proof floor protector. The wall cabinet openings are taped with plastic to keep dust and over-spray out when spraying. The surrounding kitchen area is tented off with plastic to contain dust and over-spray. The doors are sprayed off site. The primer we use dries fast with a temporary odor that goes away quickly with a window opened.


Cabinet Paint

When painting cabinets, the product choice is important. Regular latex wall paint is too soft for cabinets. Acrylic latex enamel is more durable and ideal for painting cabinets and interior trim.

When painting cabinets, we use Pro Classic acrylic enamel from Sherwin Williams, with the satin finish being the most popular choice.

Pro Classic is self-leveling and performs well with our method of spraying. The enamel dries fast with good blocking, allowing installation of cabinet doors the day after the frames are painted.

The pics below are cherry cabinets we spray painted using Pro Classic acrylic in the satin finish.

This product is available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss. We use satin and semi-gloss the most, but if you don't want your cabinets to be too shiny, satin is the best option. The satin finish is still very smooth without being overly glossy.


Filling Oak Grain

Oak is a grainy wood with deep cracks and pores that are visible in paint if filler isn't used during preparation.

Some of our customers want oak grain unfilled for a rustic look, but it's personal preference.

Using grain filler won't completely hide the natual pattern of the grain on oak, but it will reduce it so it's less noticeable when painted.

Closed grain wood like maple and cherry don't need filler like oak does. Maple and cherry both have a very smooth profile that looks very nice painted.

Applying grain filler is a very tedious process that involves skim coating the surface with filler and sanding off the excess. We apply one coat of grain filler.

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