How We Prep for Cabinet Painting in Crystal Lake Illinois

The single most important part of our preparation process for cabinet painting in Crystal Lake, IL homes is safeguarding the kitchen from damages while we paint the wall boxes. Before we even open a paint can, we cover everything in your kitchen first to protect the surrounding environment.


In this post, we will take you through our meticulous process that ensures your kitchen will remain pristine while we paint your cabinet frames.

This is a picture of the leak-proof floor protector we use for our cabinet painting jobs. The material is thick and prevents floor damage.

1. Floor Protection

Protecting your kitchen floor is the first step we take before we begin prepping and painting your cabinet frames. We lay down a leak-proof cover (see picture above) to protect your kitchen floor from paint over-spray, spills, and scratches. The product we use is leak-proof and keeps your floor spotless from beginning to end.

2. Cover Appliances and Countertops

Covering appliances and countertops for cabinet spray painting is a crucial step to protect them from over-spray and dust. First, the edges of your appliances are cleaned to ensure our masking tape adheres to the surface. We use high-quality protective materials such as painter’s tape, masking film and paper to shield your valuable appliances and countertops from over-spray. 

This picture is one of our cabinet painting jobs in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The picture shows how we protect your kitchen for spray painting. 

3. Wall and Ceiling Protection

Every inch of your cabinet edges are meticulously taped and masked to protect the surrounding walls and ceilings from over-spray. In situations where the walls and ceilings will be painted in addition to the cabinets, we simply leave them uncovered because they will be painted anyway after the cabinet painting is done. 


We also use specialty painter’s tape to mask your walls and floors. Our preferred brand is Frogtape. We really like this tape because it forms a tight seal to prevent the cabinet paint from leaking underneath onto your walls and floors. 

4. Covering Cabinet Interiors

The interior of your cabinet wall boxes are protected with painter’s tape and masking film to keep the shelves nice and clean. The only time we paint the interior of the cabinet wall boxes is if the customer requests it or if the inner portion is visible through glass doors. We do ask that our customers empty out the cabinet wall boxes before we paint the exterior.  

We use telescoping poles to erect a dust barrier and seal off your kitchen for cabinet prep and painting.

5. Dust Control and Ventilation

We set up a dust barrier with plastic to create a controlled environment within your kitchen for spray painting. The dust barrier seals off your kitchen so dust and vapors don’t migrate all over your home. We also strategically place fans in the doorway and kitchen window to direct dust and paint fumes outside. 


Our process significantly reduces the length of time your home smells like paint. With adequate ventilation, the paint smell is only noticeable on the day of spraying. In most cases, only one day is needed to get the spraying of the frames done. This is a huge advantage because you won’t have lingering paint fumes in your home for more than one day.  

6. Pre-Spray Inspection

Before our cabinet spray painter pulls the trigger, he will inspect the tape and masking film to make sure everything is tightly sealed for a flawless paint job. Every exposed area that is not intended to be painted is carefully masked. This includes low-hanging lights, nearby switches, backsplash, and baseboard.

This picture demonstrates the kitchen prep we do for our cabinet painting in Crystal Lake, IL homes. We completely covered all surfaces in this kitchen before spray painting. 

7. Careful Removal and Cleanup

Once the cabinet painting in your Crystal Lake home is complete, we carefully remove the coverings after the paint is dry and dispose of the garbage. The beauty of our spray painting process is it usually only takes one day to prime and paint cabinet frames. Between the preparation and painting, it usually takes a total of three to five days total to finish the cabinet frames and clean up.  

What About Painting the Cabinet Doors?

Our Crystal Lake, IL cabinet painters spray paint your cabinet doors and drawers off-site, not inside your home. The only spraying we do inside your home is for the cabinet frames (wall boxes) which usually takes only one day. Off-site painting allows for a more consistent and controlled application of paint. 


Painting cabinet doors off-site enables a streamlined and efficient work-flow. We systematically spray the doors and drawers and store them on our drying racks in a controlled environment. Our painting process reduces disruption in your home and allows you to relax and enjoy your kitchen while your doors are being painted in our shop. 

Experienced Cabinet Painters in Crystal Lake, IL

Advantage Painting takes immense pride in not only revitalizing your cabinets but also safeguarding your kitchen from damage during the process. Our commitment to meticulous preparation, precision, and cleanliness guarantees that the only transformation you’ll notice is the one in your cabinets. 


Our experienced cabinet painters in Crystal Lake, IL will bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen without leaving a trace of our presence behind. Call today to set up a day and time to get a free cabinet painting estimate. You can also submit your request by clicking the button below and filling out the short form.  

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