Project Pics of Our Cabinet Painting in Crystal Lake, IL

There’s something uniquely satisfying about witnessing the metamorphosis of a kitchen during a cabinet painting project. Outdated cabinets, once muted and tired, become vibrant statements of style and personality. Our customers are always blown away by the transformation when they enter the kitchen for the final reveal.


In this blog post, we feature four before-and-after pictures of our noteworthy cabinet painting projects in Crystal Lake, IL, showcasing the magic that happens when skillful craftsmanship meets inspired design. 

A beautiful set of maple cabinets we painted in a Crystal Lake, IL home on Alexandria Blvd.

Our skilled cabinet painters in Crystal Lake, IL transformed the maple cabinets in the picture above into a stunning showpiece. Cabinet painting has the remarkable ability to alter the perception of space, and this project is a perfect example of that. In the ‘before’ shot, the kitchen is dark and drab, but in the ‘after’ shot, it looks bright and spacious. 

Our customer was moving out of Crystal Lake and hired us to update the kitchen cabinets with a paint job after the remodeling was complete. He installed new backsplash and countertops along with stylish pendant lights.


The cabinet color, Snowbound, made a stunning visual difference compared to the previous natural wood color. The customer told us she received many compliments and the house sold shortly after the cabinet painting was done.   

A set of cherry cabinets from a cabinet painting job in Crystal Lake, IL.

The impact of using lighter paint tones on dark cherry cabinets is huge, as you can see in the picture above. We used the same paint color (Snowbound) as the first kitchen featured in this blog post.  The new paint job really opened up the space, creating an atmosphere that feels refreshed and inviting. 


The customer had just moved to Crystal Lake and wanted the cabinet painting done before unpacking. She was very pleased with the transformation and how the bright paint color really helped with the lack of natural light in the kitchen.


Cherry cabinets are one of our favorite wood species to spray paint. The naturally smooth contour of the wood, combined with our spray painting application, enhances the paint finish for a luxurious look and feel.  

Our painters in Crystal Lake, IL finished painting the cabinets in this beautiful kitchen before the customer moved in. 

The gorgeous kitchen featured above was given a major makeover with our cabinet spray painting technique. Our customer decided to keep the original color of the pantry door as an accent. Prior to the painting, the layout of the cabinets was slightly modified to provide more storage space. We drilled holes in the doors and installed modern pulls for a final touch. 


We used the color Pure White, which is one of the most popular whites we use for painting cabinets and ceilings. Maple is the ideal wood species for spray paint application because it’s smooth and free from grain. Paint not only enhances the smoothness of maple but also unveils a visual allure that is irresistibly elegant. 

These thirty year old cabinets in a Crystal Lake home were brought back to life through our painting process.

In this home, our customer was planning on selling the home and wanted to update the worn out cabinets with a fresh coat of gray (Evening Shadow). These cabinets were over thirty years old and required extensive cleaning and grain filling to subdue the pronounced grain.


Although wood grain is very difficult to completely erase from the surface of oak cabinets, the right preparation techniques will provide a significantly smoother surface.

The customer installed new countertops and backsplash after the painting was done. The kitchen walls were also painted to complete the makeover. 

Painting Cabinets in Crystal Lake, IL With Skill and Precision

Whether it’s oak, maple, cherry, or any wood species, our spray painting service breathes new life into tired cabinets. A great deal of preparation and skill goes into each of our projects. If you’d like to learn more about our meticulous process for paint preparation, check out this detailed post that explains how we prep cabinets


Cabinet painting isn’t just about paint; it’s about elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary, one spray at a time. If you’re in need of professional cabinet painters in Crystal Lake, IL, call us today to schedule your free estimate or click the button below to send your request online.  


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