Interior Bedroom Painting Project in Crystal Lake, IL

We recently completed an interior bedroom painting project in a new home in Crystal Lake, Illinois. This blog post features before and after photos from the two bedrooms we painted and the colors that were used on the walls. 


The customer wanted to paint the bedroom walls with a blue similar to his favorite basketball team, the Kansas Jayhawks. He chose the Sherwin Williams color Respite (SW 6514) for the bedroom walls. If you’re looking for a cool and relaxing color for your bedroom walls, you can’t go wrong with blue. Respite is a great choice. It’s a true blue that doesn’t look grayish, purple or green. 

This was one of two bedrooms we painted in this home. The customer moved to Crystal Lake, Illinois from out of state but was unable to have us paint the rooms before furniture delivery, however, the furniture was no obstacle. As you can see in the pictures, the furniture was moved to the middle of the room and we carefully covered everything with plastic before sanding and painting the walls.


We removed the light switch plates and outlet covers. We also tape off the outlet receptacles to keep them protected from paint sprinkles while rolling the walls. Window sills are protected with masking paper. Door frame molding and base boards are taped off too. We free-hand wall ceiling corners with razor sharp paint lines.


What Wall Paint Was Used?

The bedroom walls were painted with Duration Home from Sherwin Williams. Duration is one of our favorite wall paints for a couple reasons. For one, the paint dries fast and has very little odor, even while drying. Secondly, the paint is great for high-traffic living spaces because it’s washable and touches up well. It can also safely be used in bathrooms because it tolerates humidity and resists mildew.  


We painted the bedroom walls with the matte finish, a slight gloss that is smooth enough for cleaning purposes but without being too glossy. There is also a shinier satin finish, but our customers have been very satisfied with the matte finish. We always paint walls with two coats to enhance the color and get the best possible finish without lap marks and imperfections. 

The next room we painted in this home was a guest bedroom. For this room, instead of using blue again, our customer chose a beautiful sage green for the walls. The color is Cascade Green (SW 0066), another Sherwin Williams color. If you’re looking for the perfect sage green, Cascade Green won’t disappoint. Another sage green we have used on other interior projects is Coastal Plain. 

Like the blue bedroom featured earlier in this post, this room was prepared and painted the same way. Two coats were needed to help with proper coverage over the existing flat chalky paint on the walls. The customer was very happy with not only the paint job, but also her color choice. 

The two bedrooms in this post took only one and a half days to paint with one painter doing all of the work. We work fast and with only the best results. We also get awesome discounts on top of the line paints from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to save you big money on your painting project.

Looking for Painters in Crystal Lake, IL?

Painting your home’s interior yourself, or even just one single room, can take forever if you don’t have any experience or the right tools. We have been painting homes in Crystal Lake for fourteen years and can get your project done fast and with awesome results. Don’t waste nights and weekends painting your home. We can usually paint the walls in an average size bedroom in one day. Sometimes a second day is needed if the room if we’re painting everything including the ceilings, doors and trim.


We also paint kitchen cabinets in case you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen. No matter what your needs are, we’re happy to hear about your interior painting project and meet with you to provide a free estimate. Give us a call today or submit your request for a free estimate online and we will follow up with you in less than 24-hours.

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