Recent Interior Painting Job in Crystal Lake, IL

Kitchen and Living Room Painting Project in Crystal Lake, IL

Our latest blog post features one of our recent interior painting projects. Our customer moved into their new home and was looking for a painter in Crystal Lake, IL to paint a few rooms before unpacking. 


We painted the kitchen and the connected hallway along with the living room and dining room. As you can see in the before and after photos, the walls in the rooms were a boring white. The customer wanted to use a warmer color and chose Beach House (SW 7518) from Sherwin Williams for the walls in all three areas (kitchen, living room, dining room).


Beach House is a lighter and warmer brown that is perfect for living rooms and kitchens. If you’re looking to get away from gray and want a warm airy brown for your home’s interior, Beach House is a great choice.    

Our Interior Painting Process

We painted these walls with two coats of premium paint from Sherwin Williams, using a matte finish to make the walls a little glossy for cleaning purposes. We always paint walls with two coats to enhance the color and make the walls smoother for maintenance purposes. We don’t recommend using flat paint on walls. The finish is too dull and difficult to maintain. Flat paint also absorbs light too instead of reflecting it, which can make a room look darker. 


Two Coats Are Better Than One

Two coats of paint is very important when painting over flat paint that is very dull and chalky, like the contractor-white paint in this Crystal Lake home we painted. Painting only one coat of glossy paint over flat paint often results in a dull finish. Two coats will always provide the best finish.


Paint Preparation

The customer hired us to paint the walls after their move-in, but we worked around the furniture by moving everything into the middle of the room and covering it with plastic. This was a newer home, so the prep work was very minimal in terms of drywall repairs, but we patched and sanded the walls where needed.  All outlet covers and switch plates were removed before painting. We cover the floors and tape everything off in advance.  

Experienced Painters in Crystal Lake, IL

We finished this interior painting project in less than three days. We work quickly and efficiently and accept interior painting projects of all sizes.


If you have an interior painting project you don’t want to do yourself and you’re looking for experienced painters in Crystal Lake, Illinois to do it for you, we’re ready to paint.


Check out our interior painting page to learn more about the services we offer, which include kitchen cabinet painting. Be sure to take a look at our before and after photo gallery too.


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