Redo Your Kitchen – Cabinet Painting in Lake in the Hills IL

One of the best ways to redo an outdated kitchen on a budget is by painting the cabinets. If the cabinets in your LITH home are in need of a redo, we can spray paint them and totally change how your kitchen looks. This post features pictures of our cabinet painting in Lake in the Hills, IL in a home near Randall Road. 

Our cabinet painter in Lake in the Hills, IL spray painted these maple cabinets. 

Experienced Cabinet Painters in Lake in the Hills, IL

In this kitchen, our customer wanted their maple cabinets painted as part of a small remodeling project. After the cabinets were painted, the customer replaced the countertops with granite. We also painted the walls at the end.  


Our cabinet painting service in Lake in the Hills, IL isn’t limited to maple. We also paint oak, hickory, and cherry cabinets. Wood cabinet species vary in terms of the surface preparation needed for a paint job.  


Maple is one of the best types of wood to paint because its naturally smooth profile enhances the paint job, especially when the cabinets are sprayed. If you have oak or cherry cabinets, we can prep and paint them to look just as smooth as maple. 


Continue reading below to learn more about our cabinet painting prep for this project. 

One of our cabinet painting projects in Lake in the Hills, IL.

Prepping and Painting Cabinets in Lake in the Hills, IL

Surface preparation is the single most important step in the cabinet painting process. Without the right surface preparation, the paint on your cabinets won’t last long, and the paint job itself will look amateur.


Here’s how we prepped the maple cabinets in this Lake in the Hills home:
Disassemble Cabinet Doors and Drawers

As we do with all of our cabinet painting jobs, we began by removing cabinet doors and drawers from the frames. We usually paint the doors and drawers first, unless the customer requests they be painted last. The doors and drawers were transported to our shop for preparation and spray painting. 


Clean and Sand

The maple cabinets in this kitchen were actually in great condition and didn’t require a lot of scrubbing. We cleaned them using de-greaser to remove dirt and contaminants. The base cabinet doors only required minor patching to repair surface damage.


These maple cabinets were sanded using fine-grit sandpaper to prevent surface damage from the sander. Sanding is important because it dulls the clear coat on cabinets to enhance paint adhesion and smooth out rough spots. 

Spray Painting Cabinets in Lake in the Hills, IL

The maple doors and drawers were wiped down with tack cloths to remove sanding dust. We also use an air compressor with a blow gun to remove dust and debris from the inside corners of the door panels before we spray.


Here’s how we primed and painted the cabinet doors and drawers:
Spraying the Cabinet Primer

We use professional sprayers for our cabinet painting in Lake in the Hills, IL. We believe that spraying primer and paint provides the best finish compared to using brushes and rollers. Spraying also provides a faster turnaround. 


Our painter sprayed the cabinets with two coats of our specialized cabinet primer. The primer we use dries very fast and forms a strong wood bond to prevent chipping. We like to apply two coats of primer because this enhances the paint finish and eliminates any chance of tannin-bleed.


Spraying the Cabinet Paint

We sand between coats of primer to strengthen adhesion and to keep each coat smooth to the touch. Next, we sprayed two coats of our specialized cabinet paint and sanded between coats, like we did with the primer.  


The cabinet paint we use for all of our projects in Lake in the Hills is meant for use on cabinets and furniture only. We do not use semi-gloss trim paint on cabinetry like other painting companies. Our product dries hard and is meant for the kitchen environment. Food spills on your cabinets can be wiped off the paint without ruining the finish.

Painting Cabinet Frames in Lake in the Hills, IL

The cabinet frames in this kitchen were prepped and painted last, after the doors and drawers were finished in our shop. In this kitchen, we didn’t cover the walls before spray painting the cabinets because we painted them at the end anyway.


How We Prepped the Kitchen for Spray Painting

Our kitchen preparation involves covering every square inch of floors, counters, and appliances. We also tape off cabinet door openings if the interiors won’t be sprayed. In this house, the entire kitchen was separated from the living room with plastic before spraying. We set up fans in nearby kitchen windows to filter out dust and paint odors.


Cabinet Door Delivery and Install

The cabinet frames in this Lake in the Hills home took four days to finish, clean-up and install included. We used a fast-drying primer and paint that allowed us to finish all of the spraying in one day. Most of the cabinet frames we spray paint take no more than five days to finish. Cabinet doors can take one week or longer, depending on the size of the job.


We carefully wrap each painted cabinet door and drawer with protective moving blankets and transport them to your home for installation. The cabinet door installation usually takes one day, sometimes two for large kitchens.

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