A Cabinet Painting Project in Crystal Lake, IL

This blog post features a small cabinet painting project we finished in Crystal Lake, Illinois near the intersection of Golf Course road and Ackman.


The family was planning to sell the house and wanted to find a cabinet painter in Crystal Lake to paint the outdated cabinets and freshen up the kitchen for the listing. 


These cabinets are made of oak, so we had to fill the grain to minimize the natural texture and prevent the open wood pores from showing up in the paint finish. Filling the grain of oak is a very important step in the painting process.


With a one-coat application of filler, these old cabinets looked brand new after primer and paint. Continue reading below to learn more about our painting process for this project.  

This picture features one of our kitchen cabinet painting projects in Crystal Lake, IL.

Filling the Grain and Painting

The cabinet doors and drawers were disassembled and transported to our work space in Crystal Lake, IL. Like all of our cabinet painting jobs, the doors and drawers were sprayed off-site, not inside the customers home. 


These cabinets were extremely dirty and required a deep cleaning with Krud Kutter de-greaser to remove all of the cooking grease and contaminants. Other than the surface grease, which was removed, the cabinets were in great condition for their age.


After the doors were cleaned and rinsed, we skim-coated the surface with grain filler and sanded it smooth. Wood damage was patched with spot putty. 

The entire set of these oak cabinets was carefully sprayed to achieve a super smooth finish. We use a special coating from Sherwin Williams that is formulated for use on wooden cabinetry and furniture.


The product we use is very durable and holds up well on frequently touched surfaces like kitchen cabinets. The smooth finish allows you to wipe away food and coffee spills without ruining the paint. 


These oak cabinets were sprayed with a total of four coats (two for the primer, two for the color). With our process, we have found that the oak cabinets like these turn out much smoother and less grainy when the spraying is done. 

Filling the grain of a door from a cabinet painting job in Crystal Lake, IL.

The Cabinet Color

The most popular color choice for the cabinet painting projects we do in Crystal Lake is white, but on occasion, we’ll use tan, or gray, like we did for this job. 


The customer wasn’t a fan of having a white kitchen and instead chose Evening Shadow (SW 7662), a bluish gray that isn’t too dark or too light. 


Once the painted cabinets were installed, we also painted the kitchen walls and the rest of the house with Repose Gray (SW 7015), a very popular wall color we have used multiple times on projects. 


Gray is a great color choice if you don’t want white cabinets. You might also consider tan or greige. We used a warm tan for this cabinet painting project. The customer loved her color choice. 

Professional Cabinet Painters in Crystal Lake, IL

If you’re in need of experienced cabinet painters in Crystal Lake, IL or a neighboring suburb, we specialize in painting cabinets and walls. We have been painting in the area since opening for business in 2009. Take a look at our before and after photo gallery to see more of our interior painting work. We paint walls too! 


We’re happy to talk with you about your painting project and stop by to take a look the cabinets and provide a detailed quote at no cost. We have a dedicated color book for cabinet painting and can help you choose the best color for your kitchen. Submit your estimate request online by clicking the button below or give us a call.

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