Oak Staircase Painting Project in Huntley, IL

We painted this beautiful oak staircase in Huntley, IL near Rainsford Drive in the Covington Lakes subdivision. As you can see in the pictures featured in this post, painting the oak railings and spindles two different colors made a huge visual difference compared to the original look. 


Our customer went with a dark coffee bean brown for the railings and main posts and white for the spindles. Dark brown and white is a very popular color scheme for painting wooden staircases. Another popular color scheme is black and white.


We brush and roll wooden staircases using special primer and semi-gloss enamel. Continue reading to learn more about how we painted the wooden posts and spindles in this Huntley home. 

One of our interior painting projects in Huntley, Illinois.

Interior Painters in Huntley, IL

Before priming, we covered everything near and below the staircase. We covered the walls below the stairs with plastic. The steps and floors were covered with drop cloths.


The spindles and posts were sanded to dull the existing gloss. Sanding improves primer and paint adhesion. The wood was primed with oil-based primer to seal it and prevent tannin-bleed (very important for oak).


After the priming was done, we lightly sanded the wood and painted it with two coats of high quality enamel. We use enamel that self-levels. Using enamel that self-levels is important because it provides a smoother finish without brush marks.

Attention to Detail

Similar to painting kitchen cabinets, painting staircases, like this one in Huntley IL, is all about giving attention to detail. We carefully apply each coat to eliminate noticeable brush marks on the railings. The end result is a smoother finish.


On this project, we taped off the bottoms of each spindle where the two colors meet to get perfectly straight paint lines. We roll the spindles with a low nap paint roller to reduce stippling and make the finish smoother. 


The railings are carefully brushed with two coats of self-leveling enamel using the dark brown color Black Bean (SW 6006). We have also used the color Tricorn Black (SW 6528) on other stairs we have painted in Huntley, IL. Black and white is a popular color scheme for stairs.  

Need Interior Painting in Huntley IL?

Many of the newer homes in Huntley IL still have the original oak staircases. If your home is one of them, update your staircase through a professional paint job. As you can see in the project photos, painting the spindles and railings two different colors is a major improvement that makes the wood look less like oak. 


Painting your staircase is also cheaper than tearing everything out and replacing it. The painting process is also a lot faster and less intrusive than dealing with a messy tear-out and install.  


Our professional painters in Huntley IL show up on time and work fast so you have full access to your stairway sooner than later.

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