A Recent Cabinet Painting Job in Algonquin, IL

This post features a cabinet painting job we just finished in the Creeks Crossing subdivision of Algonquin, IL. Our customer loved their new home, but not those dark colored cabinets that came with the house.


As you can see in the before and after pictures, the original cabinet color was almost black. She wanted to brighten up the kitchen, but she did not want to use a typical white like everyone else, so instead, after carefully comparing multiple swatches, she chose a warm tan called Sandbar (SW 7547). 


After using mostly white on cabinets for years, it was exciting to work with a different color for a change, and Sandbar ended up being a great color choice for this kitchen. The color looks great with the countertops and also the brass hardware they installed after the pictures were taken for this post. 

The picture features one of our cabinet painting projects in Algonquin, IL.

The Painting Process

These cabinets were made of hard maple, which doesn’t require grain filler like oak or hickory, so the surface preparation involved cleaning, patching and sanding, priming, and painting. 


First, on day one, we removed each door and drawer front and transported them to our shop where we conducted all of the surface preparation and spraying in a controlled environment. 


We don’t use a paint brush or roller on cabinets. This won’t give you a professional finish. A sprayed finish looks so much smoother. 

Once the doors and drawers were ready for spraying, we sprayed each one with two coats each of a primer surfacer, followed by two coats of the color Sandbar. We also sand between each coat with fine-grit sandpaper to maximize adhesion and also to ensure the cabinet finish is as smooth as possible. These cabinets were sprayed with a wood finishing coating meant for use on furniture and cabinetry only. We do not use all-purpose paint on cabinets like many painting companies do.  


The cabinet doors and drawers were prepped and spray painted to perfection in about one week. After the doors and drawers were done, we returned to the customers house in Algonquin, IL and repeated the same exact process for the cabinet frames. We covered the microwave and appliances for spraying, and the floors were covered with a leak-proof floor protector.


The frames were sprayed in only one day because the cabinet coating we use dries in about thirty minutes. This is a huge plus for the customer because we can usually get the spraying done in one day and clean up shortly after it dries. After we delivered and installed the painted doors, the customer installed brass knobs. 

Experienced Cabinet Painters in Algonquin, IL

No one should paint your cabinets unless they have a good amount of experience with this type of service. When it comes to painting cabinets, there are a lot of important steps that must be followed to avoid problems with the finish. Product knowledge and using the right coatings for the job is an important part of this too.  


If you’re searching for experienced cabinet painters in Algonquin, IL contact us and we’ll set up a time to meet with you and provide a free quote. We have provided cabinet painting service in Algonquin, IL and the surrounding suburbs since opening for business in 2009. We can also paint your walls too. Cabinet painting isn’t the only service we offer. If you’d like to see more interior painting jobs we’ve completed, check out our before and after photo gallery.  

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