A Cabinet Painting Project in Huntley, IL

This blog post features a kitchen cabinet painting project we did near Prides Run in the Star Summit at Big Sky subdivision of Huntley, IL.


This home, like many of the Huntley, Illinois homes built in the 1990s, had the original oak cabinets, which were very outdated. Our customer hated the dark color of the oak and wanted everything painted white.


She went with Westhighland White (SW 7566) for the cabinets, a slightly off-white cream color. The original brass door handles were reused, but our customer spray painted them black to get a bold look against the white cabinet paint.


Continue reading to learn more about how we painted these kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen cabinet painting project we did in Huntley, IL.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters in Huntley IL

This cabinet painting project began by removing the doors and drawers from the frames and transporting them to our shop (we prep and spray paint the doors and drawers off-site).


The next step was a deep clean. These cabinets were extremely greasy and sticky to the touch and needed to be scrubbed multiple times with de-greaser to remove all of the cooking grease. The greasy hardware was soaked in Dawn overnight to lift off the grease and restore the metal.


Other than the layers of heavy grease, these cabinets were in great condition for their age. We applied grain filler and sanded everything nice and smooth before starting our spraying process. 

Painting oak cabinets is a different process than painting maple and other types of wood without an open grain. The process involves smoothing out the grain and making sure open wood pores on the surface are filled before spraying the color. 


After filling the grain, we sprayed two coats of primer and two coats of the color on the doors and drawers.

The cabinets were sanded with fine-grit sandpaper between coats of primer and the color to make the finish smoother and more durable.


All of the cabinets we paint are sprayed with pre-catalyzed lacquer designed for cabinetry. The product we use dries harder than paint and resists staining from coffee and food spills.   

Our cabinet painter in Huntley, IL used the same painting process from the cabinet doors to paint the frames. The cabinet frames, like the doors, were cleaned to remove the layers of grease. The grain was filled, sanded and sprayed with primer and the color. 


The cabinet frames were sprayed (all four coats) in one day. The quick dry time allows us to get the spraying done fast so you can have your kitchen back sooner. 


After the cabinet door handles were spray painted, we delivered the painted doors and installed everything in one day. Our customer was blown away by their new kitchen.

Professional Cabinet Painters in Huntley IL

If your Huntley, IL home was built in the 1990s or early 2000s, there’s a good chance your kitchen still contains the original oak cabinets. If you’re tired of your outdated cabinets, paint them! Our customers hire us to paint their kitchen cabinets because they don’t want to go through a stressful and expensive remodel.  


Our cabinet painting process is stress-free and allows you to use your kitchen for the majority of the project because we do not spray your doors inside your home like other companies. That means we only work inside your home for only a few days to paint your cabinet frames. Once the frames are painted, we quickly clean up and restore your kitchen to its original state.


Call today to schedule your free cabinet painting estimate! We’re happy to talk with you about your painting project. We paint walls too!   

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