Interior Painting Pics from a Job in Huntley, IL

This post includes pictures from an interior painting project we finished in Huntley, IL on Concord Lane in the Northbridge subdivision near Algonquin road. We painted the whole interior of this home except the bedrooms and the basement. 


The walls in this home were previously gold and yellow throughout. Our customer hated those colors and hired us to paint the whole interior gray. Originally, they thought about doing the painting themselves but didn’t want to paint the high walls over the stairs and in the foyer.


We painted the walls throughout this home with Repose Gray (SW 7015), a popular paint color we have used multiple times for our interior painting projects in Huntley, IL. Continue reading to learn more about our process for painting the interior of this home. 

Interior Painters in Huntley IL

We painted the stairway and hallway walls upstairs first. As with all of our interior painting projects, the first thing we did was cover the carpeting with drop cloths and remove switch plates and outlet covers.


Next, we checked the walls for drywall repairs. Our customer wasn’t going to reuse existing nail holes from her wall decor so we patched the holes and sanded them smooth. 


We taped off the baseboard and edges of the molding and began cutting-in before rolling the walls. We painted the walls with two coats of premium paint (we use Sherwin Williams) in a matte finish. The gray paint covered perfectly in two coats over the gold on the walls. 

After the stairway painting was done, we painted the whole main floor of this home, using the same color from upstairs. We also painted the hallway ceiling downstairs because it was in bad condition and the customer wanted it redone with a fresh coat of paint.


As you can see in the pictures, the light gray color she picked made a big difference in brightening up the interior compared to the previous gold color, which was noticeably darker.   


The customer moved the furniture out of most of the rooms in advance and we covered whatever was left with plastic. We did quite a bit of patching downstairs. The walls were beat up and needed some drywall work. 

Interior Painting Service in Huntley IL

This home had a large foyer and great room with two story walls. Like all of our interior painting jobs involving high walls, we used a 24-foot extension ladder to paint them. We do not use scaffolding to paint two story walls because it’s unnecessary when they can easily be painted with a ladder and a big rolling pole.


First, what we do is use an extension ladder to cut-in the high walls. Then we remove the ladder and roll the walls with a large extension pole. So if you’re looking for experienced painters in Huntley IL to paint your big walls, we can get the job done safely without having to erect scaffolding inside your home.  

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We have painted many home interiors in Huntley, Illinois since opening for business in 2009. Huntley has become one of our primary service areas outside of Crystal Lake. We have done interior painting projects in Northbridge, Talamore, Del Webb and other subdivisions. We specialize primarily in painting interior walls and kitchen cabinets. If you have an interior painting project you don’t want to do yourself, give us a call or send us your estimate request online. 

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