Cabinet Painting Project in Woodstock, IL

This post showcases a set of maple cabinets in a Woodstock, IL home we spray painted white. Like most of our customers, this family was sick of the natural wood color but they didn’t want to replace the cabinets and go through an expensive kitchen remodel. 


Painting is always the best money-saving option if the cabinets aren’t warped and if you’re happy with the layout. These cabinets were in great condition and only needed a pro paint job to make them look fresh and new. 


These cabinets were transported from the house in Woodstock, IL to our shop where we carefully prepped and spray painted them. We also spray painted the cabinet frames in this home. Continue reading below to learn more about how we painted these kitchen cabinets.

The photo features a kitchen cabinet painting job we did in Woodstock, IL.

Cabinet Painters in Woodstock, IL

How We Painted These Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets were painted with a professional sprayer. Spraying is the best way to paint cabinets because it provides a smoother finish than brushing and rolling. A sprayed finish looks and feels so much smoother. 


Since these kitchen cabinets are made of maple, they didn’t require any grain filling, only minor patching from wear and tear. First we cleaned the surface with Krud Kutter de-greaser. Then we lightly sanded all six sides of the cabinets with fine-grit sandpaper.

After sanding the cabinets, we cleaned them again to remove the dust. We sprayed every door and drawer front with a special primer surfacer to seal the surface and maximize adhesion with the top coats. We used a lacquer-based coating for this cabinet job. The product we use is made for use on furniture and cabinetry. 


After spraying two coats of primer, we sprayed two coats of the color. For these cabinets, our customer chose Pure White (SW 7005). This is a popular color we have used many times on cabinets.  

The cabinet frames were prepped and painted using the same exact process outlined in this post. The customer cleared the kitchen and we covered everything not being painted with plastic and masking paper before spraying. 


The kitchen frames only took three days to finish, including priming and painting and clean-up. The customer was able to use the kitchen until the day of spraying, which only took one day to finish. 


Once the kitchen frames were done, we delivered the painted doors and installed everything. We also installed new door handles for the customer.

Looking for Cabinet Painters in Woodstock, IL?

If you’re looking for professional cabinet painters in Woodstock IL to update your kitchen, give us a call. We are based out of Crystal Lake and provide cabinet painting services in Woodstock and nearby suburbs. 


When it comes to kitchen cabinets, it’s important to hire a professional cabinet painter with experience instead of hiring a general painter or doing the work yourself. Painting cabinets is a totally different process than painting walls. The prep and painting process is very tedious and has to be done correctly using the right coatings to avoid chipping and paint failure.


Since 2009, we have painted many cabinets in the Woodstock, IL area and have a lot of experience with this service. Don’t buy new cabinets, paint them! Call today to get a free cabinet painting quote. You can also submit your estimate request through our website and we’ll contact you shortly after. 

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