Interior Painting Pics from a Job in Lakewood, IL

This post features an interior painting project in the Turnberry subdivision of Lakewood IL, only blocks away from our location in Crystal Lake. This project was in a beautiful home on Lynwood Lane near Bard road. 


The family was looking for local painters in Crystal Lake to paint most of the interior before having their new furniture delivered. After painting the walls, we also painted the kitchen cabinets white. Be sure to check out the before and after pictures of the kitchen cabinet painting project we completed in this home. 


In this post, I’ll explain our tedious process for painting the walls in this home and also reveal the color that was used throughout.  

Interior Painters in Lakewood, IL

This home was actually painted by another company not long before our customer moved in, but she didn’t like the gray color on the walls. She wanted to brighten up the rooms and chose a very light off-white. 


The color is called Neutral Ground (SW 7568). At first, she was worried the color might be too light and not show enough contrast between the walls and the ceiling, but as you can see in the pictures, the color is dark enough to see a difference between the two.


Neutral Ground is a very warm white. The customer was really happy with her color choice. This color reflects more light than the old color and added a lot of brightness to the big two story walls in the great room. 

To make sure this bright color covered in fewer coats over the darker gray, we primed the walls first with one coat of white primer. This provided the perfect base coat for the paint. The paint we use covered the primer perfectly in two coats for a beautiful finish. 


We typically paint two coats on walls. Two coats is always better than one because it enhances the color and overall quality of the finish. You won’t see drywall patches showing through the paint and the walls are just a little more glossy for maintenance purposes. 


To paint the high walls over the stairs, we use an extension ladder and a special tool that allows the ladder to be used safely on the steps. We cut-in the ceiling corners from a ladder and then paint the walls with a long extension pole. 

Professional Painters in Crystal Lake, IL

In the kitchen before and after picture, you can see how much of a difference the new color made in brightening up the room. The original gray color was very dark and drab. 


Our prep work consisted of drywall patching, sanding, taping, and masking. The walls in this newer Lakewood, IL home were in excellent condition and only required minor patch work before painting. All of the walls in the rooms we painted had to be primed white before painting.   


The kitchen cabinets were painted a month later using Pure White. Check out this post to see pictures of that project. 

The customer also hired us to paint the basement too, but instead of using the cream white color from upstairs, she chose the popular color, Repose Gray, for the whole basement. 


Repose Gray is a lighter gray and one I’ve recommended many times to customers wanting a popular gray that isn’t dark. With the gray over the gold color, we didn’t have to prime the walls like we did upstairs. We painted two coats.


As you can see in the basement picture, the walls needed quite a bit of drywall repair work to fix dings and dents. The walls turned out great and the customer was thrilled with their newly painted home.    

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If you have a home in need of interior painting in the Turnberry subdivision of Lakewood Illinois, or another neighborhood, give us a call today. We are based out of Crystal Lake, IL and provide interior painting service throughout Lakewood. Our interior painting services include walls and kitchen cabinets. With Lakewood right around the corner, we typically provide those painting estimates on the same day or next. 

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