Cabinet Painting Pics from a Job in Lakewood, IL

This was a kitchen cabinet painting project we did in a home on Lynwood Lane in the Turnberry subdivision of Lakewood, IL. Not long before painting these kitchen cabinets, we also painted most of the walls inside this home too. Check out this blog post to see pictures of that project.


These cabinets are made of hard maple and were in excellent condition, but our customer didn’t want to live with that dark wood color. Prior to the painting, she hired a carpenter to add a few doors and remove some of the cabinets to reconfigure the layout. 


Continue reading to learn how we painted these kitchen cabinets. We painted the butler cabinets too. 

The goal with the painting was to brighten up the kitchen and get rid of that dark wood color. She chose the paint color Pure White (SW 7005). Pure White is one of the most popular colors we use on cabinetry. This color is bright, but it’s slightly tinted, which brings the brightness down a notch. 


Colors like gray and even tan, like this cabinet job we did, have become more popular, but most of our customers choose white. White pairs nicely with just about any countertop and appliance color. 


The cabinet paint color in this kitchen paired nicely with the light cream color (Neutral Ground) we used on the walls.

Cabinet Painters in Lakewood, IL

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts were disconnected from the frames and transported to our shop minutes away in Crystal Lake, IL. These cabinets are relatively new and in great condition, so the prep work was less than other doors we have painted where the surface is usually covered in cooking grease. 


We scrubbed the doors and drawer fronts with de-greaser (Krud Kutter is our favorite) and rinsed. Cleaning is a critical step when it comes to painting cabinets. We then patched some of the base cabinet doors to smooth over some minor damage. 


All of the doors and drawers were sanded smooth and cleaned again before spraying the first coat. We use an air compressor to remove dust from the gaps on the doors. This prevents debris stuck in the corners from ruining the finish while spraying.

Cabinet painting project in Lakewood, IL.

Spray Painting the Cabinet Doors and Frames

The entire set of these maple cabinets was sprayed, including the frames in the kitchen. We do not use paint brushes and rollers on cabinets. Based on our experience painting a lot of cabinets in Lakewood and the Crystal Lake IL area, using a professional sprayer produces the best finish. Spraying is also so much faster.


We sprayed two coats of primer and two coats of the color Pure White on these cabinets. Using the right primer is very important. Our primer seals the wood for the best finish. 


The customer decided to leave the pantry door the original color, so we covered the door while spraying along with the decorative metal and ice maker on the refrigerator. Refrigerators with built-in cabinet doors take a little longer to prep for spraying. 

Need a Cabinet Painter in Lakewood, IL?

The cabinet painting job featured in this blog post took three days to finish the frames in the kitchen and less than one week to finish painting the cabinet doors and deliver for the install at the end. We also painted the walls about one month before painting the cabinets.


If you live in Lakewood or Crystal Lake IL and need an experienced cabinet painter for your kitchen, give us a call today. We not only paint kitchen cabinets, but also walls if you need to repaint your home’s interior.

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