Sherwin Williams Exterior Duration Paint Review

Choosing a good exterior paint is an important consideration to make. In northern Illinois, paint takes a beating from harsh winter temperatures, extreme summer heat and pouring rain.

Exterior paints normally cost more per gallon than interior paints because they're formulated for long lasting surface protection.

Exterior repainting is a task you'll definitely want to reduce as much as possible while living in your home. A premium exterior paint will save money on future repaint costs. The question is whether premium paints like Duration are truly worth the money, or not. The exterior Duration brand is a top-rated Sherwin Williams paint.

Although the price per gallon for this product is well above average for exterior paint, Duration does deliver long lasting durability and prevents premature paint failure. Unlike competing paint brands, Duration exterior paint is backed with a lifetime warranty. Read this review to find out if the expense of this paint makes sense for your exterior painting job   

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$50 - $60 
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Duration exterior paint is in fact very durable, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. With the right surface preparation, this paint lasts many years. The film consistency is thicker than most exterior paints, allowing one coat coverage over previously painted surfaces that are similar to the new paint color.

This paint is self priming when applied on top of old paint. Duration dries faster than most paints and stains. This paint is great for spray painting aluminum siding and vinyl because it provides excellent one coat coverage.   



Duration exterior paint costs about $55 per gallon, so large exterior painting projects can get pretty expensive if you decide to use this paint. At $55 per gallon, 10 gallons of Duration paint would cost $550 before sales tax. 

Duration exterior paint is only self priming over previously painted surfaces. This means you cannot use this product over bare wood so a separate bare wood primer is necessary.

This paint is thick, which is good for coverage, but it will harden quickly on a brush and roller. The paint is difficult to remove from paint brush bristles.     


Sherwin Williams Duration exterior paint is well worth the money if you plan to live in your home for a long time, but $55 per gallon probably doesn't make sense for a rental property or someone trying to sell their home. Duration paint is a great choice for paint contractors doing exterior work on high end homes, or for homeowners who prefer to spend the extra money for quality paint that's going to last.
The paint coverage is good when applied over a similar paint color. The expense is the main disadvantage, but consider the cost a long-term investment that will greatly reduce future repaint costs. If the price is too expensive then choose Sherwin Williams exterior SuperPaint, which is also an excellent product.     
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