Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint and Stain 
Below is a detailed list of the best exterior products from Sherwin Williams that we use. We get excellent store discounts on all Sherwin Williams paint and stain.

Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint:

Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Paint"Duration Premium Exterior Coating is the longest-lasting coating on the market. It's formulated with Permalast technology with advanced acrylic co-polymers that make it far more durable than even the most premium exterior paints."

Duration is the most durable exterior paint available from Sherwin Williams. Duration is self-priming and  covers exceptionally well, even with only one coat sometimes. 

Unlike many exterior paints, this paint dries in a thick, rubbery film that expands over a surface to help resist premature cracking and peeling. Painting your home with this product will reduce future repaint costs, and we get excellent discounts on this product. This paint is resistant to moisture two hours after application.

Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint:

  • Gets the repaint job done in just one coat and quickly covers new, unpainted surfaces in two coats. 
  • Flash rust resistance minimizes nail head rusting and its tannin bleed resistance is better than conventional paints. 
  • Provides a thicker, more flexible layer than ordinary house paint delivering extreme protection from cracking, peeling and blistering.   
  • Available in flat, satin or gloss. Use on wood, stucco, masonry, aluminum, vinyl and galvanized metal. 
  • Features VinylSafe technology allowing you to paint darker colors on vinyl siding without worrying about warping or buckling. 

SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint:

SuperPaint exterior"SuperPaint is formulated with Advanced Resin Technology. You can apply most sheens in cold weather, even in temperatures as low as 35F. Once applied, it offers superior adhesion and color retention, resisting frost in cold conditions and resisting mildew, fading, chalking, peeling and blistering in hot and humid conditions."

Like Duration, SuperPaint is also very durable and costs less. SuperPaint provides a long-lasting finish that resists premature peeling, mildew growth and color fading. The paint can also be applied in cooler temperatures without problems. SuperPaint comes in a flat, satin, gloss and high gloss finish.

SuperPaint is great for exterior wood trim, aluminum siding, vinyl siding and vinyl window shutters. The coverage is great. We use SuperPaint and Duration the most for exterior painting, but in terms of durabiliy and coverage, Duration is better.

SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint:

  • The 100% acrylic formula is now even better with increased hide, improved flow and leveling and a lower VOC to meet environmental standards.
  • Contains VinylSafe Technology allowing you to paint darker colors on vinyl siding without worrying about warping or buckling.
  • The most complete line, with four finishes – Flat, Satin, Gloss, & High Gloss.


WoodScapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stain:

Woodscapes solid house stain"WoodScapes is warrantied for twice as long as you would expect a traditional stain to last. And with faster application and better brush load, efficiency and productivity are improved. The thicker formula also ensures a uniform finish with no lap marks and great coverage. WoodScapes is self-priming with easy water cleanup, saving you time and money. It also minimizes the spotty appearance and discoloration problems caused by knots and cedar bleeding, so you can virtually eliminate callbacks."

WoodScapes solid stain is what we use the most for cedar siding and fence jobs because it provides excellent long term durability and resistance to mildew due to an anti-microbial additive in the stain. The stain resists premature peeling over cedar wood knots really well. The coverage is also great with no more than two coats needed in most cases. 

The WoodScapes stain color selection is large, but the product is also available in other Sherwin Williams colors. The stain dries in a flat finish that touches up well on surfaces where two coats have been applied.

WoodScapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stain:

  • Warrantied Against Fading and Discoloration for 8 Years (See product labels for complete warranty details)
  • Better performance than an oil-base with all the convenience of a waterborne
  • Exceptional prevention of tannin stains in cedar and redwood
  • Long-term color retention and mildew resistance
  • Enhances appearance and texture for greater curb appeal
  • Penetrates for long-lasting protection and resistance to peeling
  • Apply in temperatures as low as 35°F or 2°C
  • Professionals choose it for: new or previously-owned homes, condominiums, apartments, hotels and commercial buildings


SuperDeck Acrylic Solid Color Deck Stain:

SuperDeck Solid Stain"Provides durable, opaque protection for all exterior horizontal wood surfaces. It is recommended that you consult the manufacturer of your composite deck for staining procedures."

Formerly known as DeckScapes, SuperDeck waterborne stain is what we use for staining decks. SuperDeck is durable and penetrates wood well, while allowing the natural beauty of wood grain to show, even in the solid finish. The stain is available in a wide range of Sherwin Williams colors, including deep-base and ultra deep-base colors.

The stain is available in a solid, semi-solid, semi-transparent and transparent finish. The solid stain provides the best UV protection and durability, lasting longer than semi-transparent. The semi-solid and semi-transparent stain is best if you want to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain in your deck boards. This stain is also available in an oil-base version, but we use the waterborne stain because it's more resistant to mildew growth. The resins in oil stain tend to feed mildew.

 DeckScapes Acrylic Solid Color Deck Stain:

  • Can be used on composite decking
  • Protects new, weathered or previously stained wood
  • Scuff-resistant for walking surfaces such as decks and wood porches
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